Sunday, May 29, 2011

Craftroom sweatshop - DC fund raiser day 1

Here are the latest boards. We have 2 each of these colors but 1 of the lavender boards is already sold. The girls have sold 8 so far. That's a good start but they'll have to sell 450 each to pay for the trip. :) Lucky for them I have other items made and that we can make to sell to earn their trip to Washington DC. Also, need a babysitter? Both are 12 and willing to babysit. I even overhead them say they could help clean house to earn money for their trip. They are motivated! I'm really impressed with their enthusiasm. These are great lessons about working hard for something you really want, how to run a business, and how hard it is to earn a buck.
If you'd like to support the girls the clip board photo frames are $10 + S&H (if not local) each and we are taking orders. If you'd like one please call or email me. You can select colors and masculine or feminine versions. We also have planned some pet and horse/western versions. We will be working on wedding today.

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