Saturday, November 14, 2009

My very creative kids

Macie and Harrison took over the craft room this week. They stamped and colored and learned how to use liquid applique. Harrison may have stamped everywhere on his card, but he really took his time and colored the surfing santa very carefully. He also wrote a special note to his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Gahlen. Since his spelling still isn't so great, I hope he told her what it says! :)
Macie looked at lots of stampsets, ribbons, inks and asked "does this look good mom?" lots. To which my response was "honey, it's your card you can design whatever you like. If it looks good to you it will look good to everyone." She did a great job on her card to. She's made 2 other cards since. I have to get pictures of them to post. She also gave her card to her teacher. I think soon they will want to make cards for their classmates for Christmas.
It's nice to see them realize that it isn't always the fancy expensive things that you give people that mean the most. It's that you cared enough to take time, think about it, and make something from the heart.

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