Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Convention and Disneyland! - Wow!

It was a fabulous week at convention. I learned loads of new things and got to play with some of the fabulous new products in the fall / winter catalog. All I can say is WOW!
The week started out with a very early flight out of Portland to Anaheim. We were running late trying to juggle bags so we would only pay for 1 checked bag. I kept weighing it to make sure we weren't taking too much. We ended up carrying our shoes in our carry on bags because we had so much food and snacks in the bag it was heavy!
When we got there all the signs in the baggage area were down and we found the wrong carousel to get this heavy bag. Well, let me tell you the people in baggage claim at John Wayne airport are very efficient. By the time we found where we needed to be my bag had been locked in the office and the office personnel had left. We had to call to get my bag out of lock up!
Then we had to wait for a shuttle. We did that for an hour. The supershuttle was extremely busy and we had to wait. Grrr - all I wanted was to be in the park! However, we finally made it! Amy and I got our photo with the guy in charge - Mickey himself! That was a treat to see him.

Day 2 included Kandi and Shandy for the all day adventure. We saw everything there was to see in a single day! We hit the new Star Tours ride twice - it is so amazing! Loved the new 3-D change and we found out there are 36 different places you can go now. We did space mountain, splash mountain, the submarines, Buzz Light Year, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Jungle tours, Tiki Room, Small World. We watched the Fantasmic show and the new World of Color, we saw the Muppets, Bug's Life, rode the California Screamin' roller coaster, Soaring over California, and the new Little Mermaid Ride. Basicall we saw it all and in between we recovered our sore muscles by taking a dip in the hot tub at the hotel. :)

Then on day 4 (Thursday) - convention started. I was thrilled and chilled all over again and without being on a ride! The whole room errupted with screams when the new exclusive cricut cartridge was annouced. The CTMH corporate staff makes up fun videos to present the new products and this year's were great as usual. They say they aren't actors but even so they do a great job.
Ok now I'll show a few pictures of what we made. Here is a cute layout featuring our new Roxie paper pack with cranberry ribbon, and the new bling buttons and pins.

At our closing crop this year we made a mini album using the kraft paper card bases. Isn't this cute it's Disney themed and uses the special stamp set the consultants received at the awards banquet. You can only get this set if you are consultant and you attend convention. I'm certainly glad I'm both because I love Disney and I will use this stamp set a lot!!!! I've only included a couple of the many pages in this cute little album.
Lastly, here is the cute roommate gift I received from Deyonne. Amy and I picked up a couple of roommates on the CTMH bulletin boards. We were lucky enough to get two great roommates. Deyonne and Denese. Below is a picture of the explosion box that Deyonne made each of us.
Denese made a great gift too, but I'll save that photo and the picture of the other item we made while there. I will share those in the next post.
Here is a picture of my great roommates. We had a lot of fun together but we didn't get a lot of sleep we were up talking scrapbooking until midnight every night.

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