Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oak Knoll Winery First Annual Scrapbook Event

Here's the room with everyone working hard on their projects.  We had 15 women in all.  Everyone got a lot done and had a lot of fun. 

Here's me sitting for a second enjoying the fabulous brownies.

Here's the food all set up.  We had BBQ beef sandwiches, veggie lassagne, fresh fruit, an amazing salad with a dressing made with some Oak Knoll wine.  It was wonderful and all made by the fabulous Tasting Room Manager Natalie.

Take a look at this brownie!  It has some Oak Knoll Toasted Cow Red wine in it.  It was so yummy!

Everyone got to taste up to 6 different wines from the list of Oak Knoll wines.   I made it through 4 and loved them all.  I don't drink much or often so this was plenty for me.  We played a fun little Leprechaun Left-Right game that I wrote especially for the day. 

One special group of ladies were there working on a very special project.  They had all the books, notes, and pictures of a close friend who is suffering from cancer.  These ladies took it upon themselves to finish the albums their friend had started.  The self-designated 'non-crafty' ladies took it upon themselves to sort through all the photos.  While others worked on school albums and baby albums putting in pictures and leaving space for their friend to write a few words to her children.  I got to help them crop some photos and cut some photo mats.  I didn't help as much as I would have liked as I was pulled away with questions and I felt somewhat in the way of their very driven mission.  I also didn't want to ask too many questions because I feared with all the wine flowing we'd all be sobbing.  I pray that they are able to accomplish their task so that their friend can see the albums and add her special notes to the pages for her children.  Afterall this is the reason we scrapbook - to leave something of ourselves behind for our children.

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